I invite applicants for Post-Doctoral researcher, graduate students and internship positions.

I am seeking for a highly motivated person: curious, open-minded, creative, and responsible, to work on projects of interdisciplinary nature.

High quality applicants in one or more the following fields are welcome to apply:

      Computer graphics,

      Machine vision,

      Machine learning,

      Image and video processing,

      Sketch based modeling

      Natural language processing.

A Ph.D. in computer science (or applied mathematics) is required for postdocs position, with demonstrated experience and a quality publication record. Projects can involve collaboration with researchers from other institutes in Israel and abroad. Correspondence and interaction language will be English (or Hebrew if you know it)!  

The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) is a private university located in Herzliya, which is 20km north of Tel-Aviv and considered the high-tech center of Israel.

Link research web site: http://www.faculty.idc.ac.il/arik/site/research.asp

Link to IDC: http://portal.idc.ac.il/en/main/homepage/pages/homepage.aspx

Applicants should send an email to arik@idc.ac.il with CV and background.