Prof. Amir N. Licht

Research Interests
  • Law, psychology, and economics
  • Fiduciary law
  • Comparative corporate governance
  • International securities regulation
  • Cultural dimensions of social institutions


Photo: Gal Hermoni

Representative Publications

  • Egalitarianism and International Investment, 102 J. Financial Economics 621 (2011), with Jordan I. Siegel and Shalom H. Schwartz
  • Shareholders and Stakeholders: How do Directors Decide?, 32 Strategic Management J. 1331 (2011), with Renée B. Adams and Lilach Sagiv
  • BITs and Pieces of Property, 36 Yale J. Int’l L. 115 (2011), with Amnon Lehavi
  • Culture Rules: The Foundations of the Rule of Law and Other Norms of Governance, 35 J. of Comparative Econ. 659-688 (2007), with Chanan Goldschmidt and Shalom H. Schwartz

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